Scholarship helps make dream a reality

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Kellie Crombie, at home with a new baby, made the decision that it was time to rethink her future. With her maternity leave coming to an end, and after 10 years of working in an office environment in both the automotive and construction industries, she was inspired to pursue a more satisfying career.

“I like being physically active and learning new things,” she said. “Mechanics is a very dynamic environment, so I enrolled in the Heavy Duty Equipment Technician foundation program and found my calling!”

Returning to school while having to cover the costs of childcare could have derailed Kelly’s career change if it were not for the Brilliant Expansion Equity Working Group – Women in Trades Scholarship.

“It was a simple process to apply and well worth it,” she said. “Being awarded this scholarship meant we were able to afford groceries and childcare, and I could just focus on being a student.”

Having previously studied both English and Philosophy, and having earned a bachelor’s degree, Kelly loves to continue to expand her knowledge. The heavy duty equipment technician field provides her the opportunity to do so.

“In mechanics, technology is always changing, everything is getting more sophisticated, and you are always learning,” she said. “We had the best instructor who went above-and-beyond to make sure the content made sense. My favourite thing was reading about something and then seeing it come to reality on the shop floor.”

Having completed her foundation-level training, she is currently interviewing for work in the heavy mechanical field, is excited for her future, and grateful for those who helped her along the way.

“Thank you to the donors for making my dream a reality,” she said. “As a mom who once thought my career was over, you’ve given me an opportunity to be the best I can be.”

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