Three cheers for child care providers

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Image shows children painting at easels with a child care provider looking on and smiling.

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. Child care providers are a key part of that village, making significant and important contributions to the development and growth of our most precious resource – our children.

To acknowledge the fundamental role child care providers play in our communities, the month of May has been proclaimed as Child Care Month.

“Early childhood care plays an important role in the development of children as well as a valuable support to families,” said Heather Hepworth, Dean of Health and Human Services. “The role of child care providers is a significant one. A child’s early years provide the foundation for his or her future development. Early childhood educators are trained professionals who provide the essential learning and guidance needed to provide a strong base for lifelong learning and development.”

If you have an interest in helping young children to learn to navigate the world and prepare for formal education, a career as an early childhood educator might be right for you. Our Early Childhood Education program is available fully online and qualified early childhood educators are in high demand.

Whether you choose to be an early childhood educator, have children who have been nurtured by a child care provider, or grew up with guidance from a child care provider yourself, this May is a good time to thank those caring individuals working every day to make a difference in the lives of children.

Thank you early childhood educators – and all child care providers.