Welcome to College of the Rockies

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Image shows front entrance of College of the Rockies with two students standing by Kootenay Centre sign.

Whether you are a new student, arriving in our halls for the first time – or a returning student, continuing from the previous academic year or coming back after some time away – welcome to College of the Rockies!

Our brand promise is to be Rocky Mountain Inspired, Small College Proud – and we want that for you, our students, as well.

It’s not terribly difficult to find yourself feeling Rocky Mountain inspired. When you look at the breathtaking views that surround us, when you enter into the Cranbrook Community Forest that borders our main campus, when you partake in the Rocky Mountain lifestyle of hiking, biking, and soon enough, skiing and snowboarding, it is difficult to not find inspiration. Nature is a big part of the College of the Rockies experience and we encourage you to take the time to embrace it, spend time in it, and to continue to draw inspiration from it.

What does it mean to be Small College Proud? For those of us that work here, our efforts to make our students feel at home and to experience success in their educational pursuits make us feel small college proud. Seeing that our students who transfer on to university are often more successful than other BC transfer students certainly helps us to feel small college proud. And watching students achieve their goals makes us so proud we could burst. Every day, our students are what help us all to be proud of what is accomplished at College of the Rockies.

But we want you, our students, to feel that way too. You made a bold choice beginning or continuing your post-secondary education. Whether you chose the College because you are from the region and wanted to stay close to home, you were looking to save on costs, the program you were looking for was available to you here – or any other reason; we hope your experience with us helps you to also feel a sense of pride.

We are so happy you have chosen College of the Rockies, we welcome you to whichever campus you may be studying at, and hope you have an absolutely fantastic year!