What to expect in your first week at College of the Rockies

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Image shows two students laughing inside a dorm room, one sitting on a chair, the other on a bed.

You’ve decided to attend school at College of the Rockies. Congratulations! We look forward to having you here.

If you’re attending the Cranbrook main campus and staying in student housing, we have some tips for move-in day and your first few days on campus. If you’re staying off-campus (or at home), the second part of the 1st section through to the end of the 3rd section will still apply.

    • Prior to move in, make sure you have completed the online portion of the Student Housing Orientation. You will not receive your keys if this is not completed.
    • Avoid getting hangry. Bring snacks and drinks with you and take breaks to enjoy them.
    • Be prepared for a little cleaning. Your housing facility will have been cleaned before you arrive but if some dust has accumulated since then – or if you just prefer to make sure surfaces are REALLY clean, you will need cleaning supplies, paper towels, trash bags, etc. They’ll come in handy as you keep your housing unit clean and tidy throughout the semester too.
    • Pack your car in reverse order with the items you need first easily accessible.
    • Keep important things safe. Purchase a small safe for things like prescription medications, jewelry, passport, etc.
    • Prior to arriving, upload a photo of yourself onto your eRezLife profile.
    • When you arrive on campus, you’ll see members of the Student Housing team in the parking lot waiting for you.  You’ll want to see them to get your key, and to introduce yourself.
    • If your family has accompanied you to move-in day, saying “see you later” can be tough. You’ll be busy most of the day on September 3rd, so maybe go for a nice dinner with them on the 2nd or get together after 3:30 pm on the 3rd before saying farewell.

You’re moved in, your family has returned home, now what?

    • Your in-person Student Housing Orientation will take place on September 3 from 9:30 am – 3:30 pm. It will include a pancake breakfast (Yum!) as well as sessions for first year and returning students. You will receive more information when you collect your keys.
    • Grab your schedule and tour the campus to find where each of your classes will be held – before classes start.
    • Familiarize yourself with other College resources and amenities like the Enrolment Services counter, Student Services (including education advisors, counsellors, accessibility services), the cafeteria, the gymnasium/Student Life Office, the Financial Assistance office, the Learning Commons, your instructors’ offices, PeAks Campus Store, washrooms, the Disc Golf course, the track, etc.
    • Our Jumpstart program aims to help you succeed while at the College so we strongly encourage you to take part in it. You can do so online any time or, if you’d like to take the program in person on Thursday, August 31, and require an early move in date to be able to attend, submit a request to the Student Housing team.
    • You’ll also want to take part in Orientation Week events – starting with your program orientation and then moving into the fun activities on and off campus. Follow Campus Life on FB to keep on top of upcoming events. You’ll want to also follow the College’s main FB and IG accounts, and check your College email, so you’re aware of important College information.
    • Visit the Community Showcase to learn more about the services available to you as a College of the Rockies’ student and find out how to get involved on campus and within your surrounding community – volunteering, employment, councils, and more.
    • Though the College may be your home base, and you’ll be busy with your studies, don’t be afraid to get involved in your temporary community. Join clubs or teams, volunteer a few hours a week, etc. Ask your classmates who live locally for tips on fun activities, great places to eat on a budget, and more.
    • Consider joining an on-campus club or the Students’ Association to get to know people with similar interests.



    • If you haven’t already, before you begin attending classes, review your class schedule to ensure you know where you’re going and when classes start.
    • Plan to arrive at your classes early. Not super early, because there is likely a class in there before yours but try for 5 minutes before class start. This gives you the opportunity to find the spot that best suits your learning style and personality. Won’t hurt that your instructors will take notice of your preparedness either.
    • Get enough sleep and eat healthy foods. We know, we know….but doing so will help you to get to class a little early and to be able to focus and absorb the information that will be presented to you. You’ll be glad come exam time.
    • Even on the first day, be prepared to take notes. Not all instructors will begin lecturing on day 1, but if they do, you’ll want to be prepared. Getting started with a habit of taking thorough notes will serve you well.
    • Have a calendar or create a spreadsheet to help you stay organized and on top of your assignment due dates.


    • It’s normal to feel nervous on your first day of college. Many of the students around you feel the exact same way. Being prepared when you arrive in your classes with the appropriate books and supplies, will help and as you get more comfortable with your routine and get to know your instructors and fellow students better, those nerves should fade away. If they don’t, the Education Advisors, Student Housing staff, campus counsellors, and your instructors are here to help.
    • If you have moved away from your family and friends, it is perfectly understandable to feel homesick, even if you’re excited about this next chapter in your life. Getting involved in campus activities, groups, or clubs can help you to feel more like you’re part of the College’s community. Stay in touch with family and friends back home – from time to time – but try not to make it an everyday thing. And remember, the resources above are available to help you with the transition as well.
    • During the September 3 Orientation, you will be meeting your roommates, Community Leaders, and other students living in housing. Hopefully this will help you to feel comfortable in your new surroundings.



    • Whether you’ve only lived with your family before, or have had roommates before, adjusting to life with a new roommate can be a big challenge. To help keep things conflict-free, Pod Agreements will be created during Orientation Day so everyone can have input on some ground rules.