Announcing 2024 CITL Workshops & Events

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We are very excited to share our programming for Winter 2024, and a Preview of Professional Development (PD)-oriented plans for Spring-Summer 2024. Grab a cup of cheer and set yourself up for an awesome 2024 with the CITL. You can register for Winter 2024 workshops and express interest for upcoming Spring-Summer events:

CITL Winter 2024 Workshops & Events

CITL PD Preview: Spring-Summer 2024

We wish everyone a restful holiday break and look forward to all the amazing things ahead in 2024! 

2024 Highlights

There’s lots to look forward to in 2024 as the CITL provides its largest offering of programs and workshops to-date. Overall, our programming can be organized into four main streams:

Faculty-Requested Topics

We’ve been striving to develop programming based on what we hear from Faculty. Topics like Generative AI, assessment design, Moodle support, and inclusive teaching are typically top of the list and you’ll notice many events that address the common challenges and strategies for success in these areas.

Universal Design for Learning

Workshops routinely incorporate elements of UDL to highlight how we can make our instructional materials more accessible for all students. Workshops typically offer a variety of ways in which we can create accessible resources and online content for students, combining technical elements with inclusive pedagogy.

5 Pathways Towards Indigenization

Indigenous Education recently launched the 5 Pathways Towards Indigenization, which gives us a framework for highlighting ways in which our programming supports competencies towards any of the pathways. Many sessions support Pathway 1 (Cultural Safety and Anti-Racism) as a foundation to this work, and Pathway 2 (Decolonization). Where the Centre collaborates with the Indigenous Education Team, other sessions address Pathway 3 (Incorporating Indigenous Peoples’ Voices and Content).

Asynchronous and Online Offerings

We’ve expanded ways in which our programming can be more accessible, particularly for regional campus folks, and those looking to engage at a self-directed pace. The team is always willing to have conversation with anyone looking to tailor their engagement with CITL events and programs so that we can help meet your needs.