College of the Rockies Expands Work in Tanzania

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Image shows group of people standing in front of building in Tanzania.
(l-r) John Kengese, Craig Hull, Kerry Brinkert, Romana Pasca, Afridon Mkhomoi and Michael Hay – representing College of the Rockies, College of New Caledonia, Mwanza Regional Vocational Training and Service Centre and Shinyanga Vocational Training Centre in Tanzania - are working together to improve Heavy Duty Mechanics training for Tanzanian students and industries.

College of the Rockies’ work in Tanzania continues to grow. The College is now actively participating in two skills development programs after being selected to support a project led by College of New Caledonia (CNC).

Since April 2015, College of the Rockies has been working with Camosun College and Mwanza Regional Vocational Training and Service Centre (MRVTSC) to deliver effective Heavy Duty Mechanic programs.

In November 2015, the College was selected to provide support to a project led by CNC.  This project will see the colleges working with Shinyanga Vocational Training Centre (SVTC) and will also focus on improving Heavy Duty Mechanics curriculum so students are better equipped to enter the mining sector with the skills that employers are seeking.

Both collaborations are Improving Skills Training for Employment Program (ISTEP) projects funded by Global Affairs Canada and administered by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan).

Earlier this month, College of the Rockies’ Heavy Mechanical instructor Spencer Mellor, Manager of International Projects and Partnerships Kerry Brinkert, and International Projects and Marketing Specialist Michael Hay travelled to Tanzania.

During their visit, Mellor and Hay participated in revising MRVTSC’s Level 3 Heavy Duty curriculum and forming a Program Advisory Committee with local industry representatives while Brinkert collaborated with College of New Caledonia representatives to develop a work plan for the new project in Shinyanga.

“These two project teams have set the right foundation for future collaboration by comparing work plans and seeking to combine efforts,” says Hay.  “Moving forward, representatives from all three Canadian colleges and the two Tanzanian institutions will be working together to achieve our project goals.”

“The Shinyanga project is a wonderful opportunity to add to CNC’s internationalization efforts and to expand on meaningful partnerships among Canadian colleges,” adds College of New Caledonia International Project Planner, Romana Pasca.  “Having faculty and staff from both colleges work in collaboration, share their wealth of expertise and also learn from each other is exciting.”

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