College of the Rockies’ First Degree Program Seeing Success

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Image of instructor speaking to student in a classroom.
College of the Rockies business program coordinator and instructor Greg McCallum is thrilled to see the success of the graduates of the Bachelor of Business Administration: Sustainable Business Practices.

Since College of the Rockies introduced the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): Sustainable Business Practices program, it has seen many successes. Nine students have graduated in the last three years and all of them have found employment in related occupations.

Business program coordinator Greg McCallum attributes this success to the unique focus of the program.  “As more and more businesses become aware of and dedicated to reducing their negative impacts on the environment and strengthening their relationships with the communities in which they operate, sustainability has become a priority.  Our graduates are uniquely prepared to enter into this new sustainable work environment.”

Kellan Ward, a BBA graduate agrees, “The program’s material is very fresh and sustainability is both a growing trend and a necessary way of doing business into the future.”

The BBA students have also been successful in undertaking research projects with all the graduates taking part in conducting research in partnership with organizations both in and outside of the East Kootenays.  Partners have included Canadian Mountain Holidays, St. Eugene Golf Resort and Casino, Decosse Customs and the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association.  Topics have ranged from exploring environmentally friendly skis and snowboards, and the sustainability of supply chains and best social and environmental practices in BC restaurants along with various aspects of sustainability at the College.

The research undertaken by the BBA students fits well with the applied research that will be undertaken by the newly developed Inspire Centre at the College.  Gina Bennett, Chair of the Inspire Centre is impressed with the research that was performed by the BBA students.  “Some of these projects have been really leading edge and they point to avenues for the College’s further exploration with applied research.”

“The Inspire Centre will support a wide variety of experiential learning opportunities that will help our students connect their learning with the community.  Students will be solving real-world problems with real-world solutions.  The BBA students addressed problems of sustainability with solutions that fit the community or business they partnered with.  This kind of applied learning has likely contributed to their success in finding employment in their field,” she continues.

Learn more about College of the Rockies’ Bachelor of Business Administration: Sustainable Business Practices program at: cotr.ca/BBA