College of the Rockies Hosting Two Hindustani Classical Music Performances

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An image of musician Raj Rangayyan smiling at the camera, holding a bamboo flute.
Raj Rangayyan will be joined by Utpal Mazumdar for two performances at College of the Rockies.

College of the Rockies is pleased to be hosting two performances by acclaimed musicians Raj Rangayyan and Utpal Mazumdar.

Mystic Melodies takes place on Friday, April 13 at 8:00 pm. The evening performance features ragas, or ancient musical structures, that promise to evoke moods, feelings and sentiments in ways not experienced with other types of music.

Eons to Eternity takes place on Saturday morning, April 14 at 10:00 am. The ragas featured in this concert facilitate introspection, contemplation and meditation and are intended for presentation in the early morning hours.

Raj Rangayyan received training on the bamboo flute and the sitar in India. He has given many performances in India, Canada and Brazil including at the University of Calgary, the India-Canada Association, the Raga Mala Music Society and more. His arrangements include innovative combinations of many varieties of instruments and genres of music. He aims to present and promote the classical music of India in its pure, serene, soothing, and natural acoustic character to facilitate yoga, meditation, contemplation, reflection and relaxation.

Utpal Mazumdar was trained in the tradition of classical music of India. He is proficient in tabla, pakhawaj and other musical instruments. He actively promotes awareness of world music by collaborating in fusion and new age music genres, conducts music appreciation workshops and demonstrations in South Asian Studies in educational intuitions, and regularly performs in world music ensembles on radio, television and on the stage. He also trains in voice rhythms and chants for mediation and yoga groups.

Both concerts are sponsored by College of the Rockies’ Guest Lecture Fund and the College of the Rockies Faculty Association and will take place in the College’s Lecture Theatre (Room 250). Each concert is free of charge.

“I was delighted when Raj and Utpal agreed to perform at College of the Rockies,” says faculty member, Dr. Jim Bailey. “They have performed together for more than 30 years and will certainly bring unique and powerful performances to our community.”

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