College of the Rockies Prepares Students Well: Survey

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Image of VP, Academic and Applied Research
College of the Rockies’ Vice-President, Education Stan Chung encourages adult learners to take advantage of tuition-free adult upgrading courses in September.

College of the Rockies students are happy with the education they received and have found employment in a field related to their studies according to a survey completed by the Ministry of Advanced Education.

The BC Student Outcomes Dashboard, a partnership between the Ministry of Advanced Education, participating post-secondary institutions, and a number of other organizations including the Industry Training Authority (ITA), has recently been updated.  Data collected from the 2015 Diploma, Associate Degree and Certificate Student Outcomes Survey and the Apprenticeship Student Outcomes Survey data has now been added.

The Student Outcomes Dashboard provides snapshots of student feedback on their educational experience and their ability to find employment in their field.  A total of 907 College of the Rockies students responded between 2013-2015.

Of those respondents, 93 percent were satisfied with the education they received at the College and 83 percent found that their education was either very or somewhat useful in helping them to obtain employment.

Of those students now in the labour force (85 percent), 74 percent are in a job that is either very or somewhat related to their training at the College and 83 percent feel that their education was useful in helping them to obtain employment.  The average hourly wage they are earning is $20, with an average of 35 hours worked per week.

“There are many advantages to beginning your education at College of the Rockies,” says Vice-President, Academic and Applied Research Stan Chung.  “The positive results found in this survey are a result of our smaller class sizes which allow for more one-on-one attention as well as the dedication of our excellent faculty and staff.  We’re proud that students who attend the College tend to do very well whether they go directly into employment in their field or transfer to university to complete a degree.”

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