College of the Rockies Students Headed to Guatemala

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Image of three College of the Rockies students with instructor Avery Hulbert and Capilano University field school coordinator Laurel Whitney
(l-r) College of the Rockies Anthropology instructor Avery Hulbert, Stephanie Mindek, Karla Robinson, Capilano University field school coordinator and instructor Laurel Whitney, and Alexis Fisher.

On February 7, three College of the Rockies University Studies students will embark on a trip to Guatemala to participate in a field school. The ten-day trip, part of a second-year sociology course offered by Capilano University, was made available to the College’s faculty and students.

The students, Karla Robinson, Alexis Fisher and Stephanie Mindek are completing the majority of the course online.  Prior to leaving for Guatemala they have been engaging with Capilano students and the course instructor via a virtual classroom.

By collaborating with Capilano University’s field school, College of the Rockies students are able to participate in a type of learning they would otherwise not have access to.  The students are being fully supported by COTR and will be able to apply their Capilano course credit to their COTR studies, should they choose to do so.

College of the Rockies University Studies Anthropology instructor Avery Hulbert says, “This field school is an incredible opportunity for our students to enrich their learning and life skills.  They will be experiencing Guatemalan culture first-hand including the economic, social and political factors which have shaped Guatemala from colonization to the present.”

The opportunity to become familiar with the social structure of a different culture is an extremely valuable learning experience for all three of the students who are enrolled in second-year sociology and anthropology courses at the College.

“This is a far more engaged learning experience than can be had in a classroom,” Hulbert continues. “I hope to continue to work with our International department and other post-secondary institutions to offer more field school and international education opportunities to our students in the future.”

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