From concept to completion – watch your project come to life with a career as a carpenter.

Are you creative? Do you enjoy working hands-on both indoors and outdoors? If so, a career in Carpenter might be the right fit for you!

To work as a carpenter, you should:

  • Have a passion for making and building things
  • Be precise, accurate efficient and be able to solve mathematical problems with ease
  • Be able to work independently or with a team.

Carpenters construct, erect, install, maintain, and repair structures made of wood, wood substitutes, lightweight steel, concrete and other materials. You’ll be able to build from architectural designs, apply modern building codes, and keep pace with advances in sustainable building technologies.

To become a Carpenter there are two ways to start.

Carpenter Pathways

Foundation Program

  • 24-week full time program
  • September intake
  • You do not need an employer to take the Carpenter Foundation program! In fact, the main reason to take the Carpenter Foundation program is to gain experience and knowledge about the carpenter trade to make it easier for you to find an employer to sponsor you for the remaining three levels of your apprenticeship.

If you are a high school student, contact the counseling office at your high school for information on how to become a Youth Train in Trades student and get a jump-start on your trades training while you complete your high school diploma. Learn more about the Youth Train in Trades program.

Carpenter Trades Foundation Training Schedule

*CarpenterFDTNSeptember 7, 2021March 3, 202224 Weeks
*CarpenterFDTNSeptember 6, 2022March 2, 202324 Weeks

*Projected | All dates subject to change

Apprenticeship Program

To begin an apprenticeship to become a carpenter, you must:

College of the Rockies offers all four levels of Carpenter Apprenticeship technical training.

Carpenter Trades Apprenticeship Training Schedule

*Carpenter1April 25, 2022June 10, 20227 Weeks
*Carpenter2September 7, 2021October 22, 20217 Weeks
*Carpenter2September 6, 2022October 21, 20227 Weeks
*Carpenter2March 13, 2023April 28, 20237 Weeks
*Carpenter3March 7, 2022April 22, 20227 Weeks
*Carpenter3March 14, 2022April 29, 20227 Weeks
*Carpenter3October 31, 2022December 16, 20227 Weeks
*Carpenter4January 10, 2022February 25, 20227 Weeks
*Carpenter4January 3, 2023February 17, 20237 Weeks
*Carpenter4February 27, 2023April 14, 20237 Weeks

 *Projected | All dates subject to change