Electrician Foundation

Looking for a high voltage occupation that is challenging, secure and financially rewarding? A career as an electrician might be the right fit for you!

Electricians perform a variety of tasks on the electrical systems of buildings and other structures which may include preparing, assembling, installing, testing, troubleshooting and repairing wiring, fixtures, control devices and related equipment.

To work as an electrician you should:

  • Have good communication and reading skills
  • Be physically fit and good with your hands
  • Have a knack for math and working with mechanical things
  • Enjoy using tools, figuring out plans and solving problems

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Electrician Foundation Training Schedule

*ElectricianFDTNFebruary 5, 2024July 18, 202424 Weeks
*ElectricianFDTNJuly 29, 2024 January 30, 202524 Weeks
*ElectricianFDTNFebruary 10, 2025July 24, 202524 Weeks
*ElectricianFDTNAugust 5, 2025February 5, 202624 Weeks
*ElectricianFDTNFebruary 9, 2026July 23, 202624 Weeks

 *Projected | All dates subject to change |