Plumbers are in high demand – start your career here!

Apprenticeship training is for people who are currently working in industry and who are sponsored by an employer and registered with SkilledTradesBC. Apprenticeship programs combine work-based training (typically 80-85%) and technical training (15-20%) taken in a classroom and shop setting.

The length of an apprenticeship can range from one to five years, but most require four years to complete.

Many trades, known as the Red Seal trades, have nationally recognized certification standards. The credentials of a certified tradesperson who has successfully earned a Red Seal ticket are recognized across Canada.

To work as a Plumber, you should:

  • Be physically fit and have good mobility for lifting
  • Have good manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination and balance
  • Be able to work at heights and in adverse weather
  • Be prepared for the following risks – dust, fumes, noise and vibration

Here’s how the College of the Rockies can help you to start a career in the plumber trade:

Plumber Pathways

College of the Rockies offers all four levels of Plumber Apprenticeship.

Plumber Level 1 Apprenticeship

Plumber Level 2 Apprenticeship

Plumber Level 3 Apprenticeship

Plumber Level 4 Apprenticeship

Additional Info

Plumber Training Schedule

*Plumber1October 28, 2024December 13, 20247 Weeks
*Plumber1October 28, 2024December 13, 20247 Weeks
*Plumber2October 23, 2023December 15, 20238 Weeks
*Plumber2February 26, 2024April 19, 20248 Weeks
*Plumber2September 3, 2024October 25, 20248 Weeks
*Plumber3January 2, 2024February 16, 20247 Weeks
*Plumber3March 10, 2025April 25, 20257 Weeks
*Plumber4August 28, 2023October 20, 20238 Weeks
*Plumber4January 6, 2025February 28, 20258 Weeks

 *Projected | All dates subject to change |