Women in Trades Mentorship Program

Building strong connections!

What is the Women in Trades Mentorship program?

With a large number of current journey-level tradespeople nearing the age of retirement, there is a significant need for qualified individuals to fill their roles. Though women make up 50% of the overall workforce, less than 5% of those in the skilled trades identify as female.

The Women in Trades Mentorship program aspires to help change that. We know that a key barrier for women considering a career in the skilled trades is a lack of access to support and guidance from experienced tradeswomen. Our Mentorship program aims to create networking opportunities that can provide connections between females seeking to get started in a skilled trade and tradeswomen currently working in that field.

What does mentorship look like?

The program provides opportunities for mentoring and networking in the following ways:

  • A closed Facebook page providing safe, confidential communication with other tradeswomen.
  • A page on the College website making it easier to access available resources.
  • The building of a database of all levels of tradeswomen, making it easier to connect with someone with relevant experience.
  • Collaboration with other trades training institutes and local employers as a community or regional approach will assist in establishing key events to bring female apprentices and journeywomen together (inclusivity workshops, networking events, role model speaker events or other areas of interest to women in trades such as leadership, soft skills, job search and resume workshops, starting a trades business).

Women in Trade and Employer Resources