This is your chance to feel the heat!

Meld, attach, and affix pieces of metal together with precision and watch objects come to life in your hands. If this appeals to you, a career as a welder might be the right fit for you!

To work as a welder, you should:

  • Be creative and enjoy making and fabricating things
  • Have good muscular strength and overall health as you may be required to lift heavy objects, keep them in place and move them around a construction site
  • Have a strong steady hand

Welders use flame cutting, brazing and air arcing equipment to fuse metals in all positions.

To become a Welder there are two ways to start:

Welder Pathways

Foundation Program

  • 28-week full time program
  • September and January intakes
  • You do not need an employer to take the Welder Foundation program! In fact, the main reason to take the program is to gain experience and knowledge about the welder trade to make it easier for you to find an employer to sponsor you for the remaining levels of your apprenticeship

If you are a high school student, contact the counseling office at your high school for information on how to become a Youth Train in Trades student and get a jump-start on your trades training while you complete your high school diploma. Learn more about the Youth Train in Trades program.

Welder Foundation Training Schedule

*Welder FoundationFDTNSeptember 5, 2023March 28, 202428 Weeks
*Welder FoundationFDTNJanuary 2, 2024July 12, 202428 Weeks
*Welder FoundationFDTNSeptember 3, 2024April 4, 202528 Weeks
*Welder FoundationFDTNJanuary 6, 2025July 18, 202528 Weeks

 *Projected | All dates subject to change |

Apprenticeship Program

To begin an apprenticeship to become a welder. you must:

  • Have an employer sponsor
  • Register with SkilledTradesBC, and
  • Complete your apprenticeship training

College of the Rockies offers all levels of Welder technical training, including Modular A, Modular B, and MPAW. Start dates for these programs vary. For program information please contact the Trades Program Admission Coordinator.

Welder Apprenticeship/Modular Training Schedule

*Welder1April 8, 2024May 31, 20248 Weeks
*Welder2April 8, 2024May 31, 20248 Weeks
*Welder3October 10, 2023December 15, 202310 Weeks
*Welder3October 7, 2024December 13, 202410 Weeks
*WelderMPAWOctober 7, 2024November 8, 20245 Weeks
Welder Modular AMod AOctober 10, 2023December 1, 20238 Weeks
Welder Modular AMod AOctober 7, 2024November 29, 20248 Weeks
Welder Modular BMod BOctober 10 ,2023February 9, 202416 Weeks
Welder Modular BMod BOctober 7, 2024February 14, 202516 Weeks

*Projected | All dates subject to change |

Test Dates for Class “A” Requalification (pressure welds) Pre-Qualified Welding Procedures (PWPs) and Interprovincial Practical Challenge Test

  • January 17,2024
  • February 21,2024
  • April 17,2024
  • May 15, 2024
  • June 19,2024
  • September 19,2024
  • October 17, 2024
  • November 21,2024