Co-op Education

What is Co-op?

Co-operative education (Co-op) offers students the opportunity to try out career options and gain valuable paid work experience in their field of study.

Most COTR Co-op programs are optional which means you will apply at the start of your first year, take a Co-op prep course in year one, then complete a Co-op work term between year one and two. Four- year BBA students, can complete up to three Co-op work terms between each year of study. The Hospitality program has a built- in Co-op component in the curriculum so students in this program will automatically participate in Co-op.

Students taking the Co-op option will earn 1.0 credit for their Co-op prep course, and 3.0 credits for each of their completed Co-op work terms. These Co-op credits will appear on the student’s transcript.

Co-op education alternates full-time study terms with full time work terms throughout the academic program. Traditionally, Co-op work terms run May through August each year (with some program exceptions). To apply for Co-op, please complete the following: Co-op Option Student Request Application

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Programs with the Co-op Option:

Note: Our Hospitality Management program has a co-op component included in the program structure, therefore it is not included in the list above.