Co-op Education

What is Co-op?

Co-op is a partnership between employers, students, and post-secondary learning institutions. Co-op provides a work-based learning experience to students. This work experience will further develop employability competencies and integrates the practices and skills gained during classroom studies. Furthermore, co-op connects the student with industry practitioners and establishes the foundations of the student’s employment skills. A co-op work term is an employer paid progressive work opportunity of 16 weeks/500 hours. The Co-op experience is monitored by the College, supervised, and evaluated by the employer.

Co-op education alternates full-time study terms with full time work terms throughout the academic program. Traditionally, co-op work terms run May through August each year (with some program exceptions).

You can help the Co-op and Employment Services Coordinator learn more about what type of work placement you might be interested in by completing the Co-op Option Student Request Application prior to the info session!

Programs with the Co-op Option:

Note: Our Hospitality Management program has a co-op component included in the program structure, therefore it is not included in the list above.

Benefits to Employers

Employer Responsibilities

Benefits for Students

Student Responsibilities

How the Co-op and Employment Services Office can assist you

How can I become a Co-op Option Student?

How can I hire a co-op student?