Finding his dream close to home

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Having a father who instructs in the Carpenter program at College of the Rockies proved beneficial for Tage Leiman. It was his dad who told him about a new program coming to the College.

The Wireless Systems Technician (WIST) program provides students with the skills they need for the resource and manufacturing jobs of the future. Graduates of this program are prepared to provide maintenance and repairs for wireless devices, help develop wireless networks, and solve network issues.

“I always liked technology, especially electronics, so I was pretty interested in the program when my dad told me about it,” Tage said. “I was like, it’s a brand-new program, it’s only two years, lets go for it!”

Another perk of the program was it allowed Tage to remain in his hometown.

“I could stay home, keep living with my parents, and keep costs relatively cheap,” he said.

Though Tage completed most of the program under COVID restrictions, students were able to spend some time in the classroom doing hands-on projects.

“That was really fun, especially building circuits and that kind of stuff. It was awesome,” he said.

Not only was the program fun, but it also prepared Tage to get started on his future. Shortly after graduation, he was hired by Teck Resources as an Electronics Technician in the radio shop. In this role, he deals with all the 2-way radios, wi-fi, computers in the haul trucks, proximity detection equipment, and a bit of networking.

“Basically, we make sure everyone is able to communicate effectively so they can work together safely,” he said. “I’m loving it so far.”

Tage feels the WIST program prepared him well for his new career, but he enjoys that he still can learn and grow in his job.

“The WIST program gave me a very good general knowledge,” he said. “There’s lots of technology to focus on at the mine so I’m still learning as I go but I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.”

Tage intends to continue working at the job he loves for now but has an interest in pursuing more education in the technology field down the road. He’s grateful his dad let him know about the WIST program and that he took the chance and enrolled. He would encourage anyone else who has an interest in technology to do the same.

“For someone like me who was interested in technology it’s a great program. It is only two-years, and you can get a job right after if you want to. I loved it and the instructors were awesome,” he said.