From Apprentice to Inspiring Instructor

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Image shows man in a parka and touque high up on top of a mountain

When a developer in Invermere stepped forward to sponsor Maximilian Kazakoff on his journey toward a Carpentry Apprenticeship, Max chose to complete the theory portion of the program at College of the Rockies based on recommendations from his peers.

“What I enjoyed most was the large shop environment that didn’t feel cramped while doing our shop practicals,” he said. “Additionally, our instructor had many years of industry experiences that he shared with us, and that knowledge helped me a lot as a carpenter in the field.”

After successfully completing his apprenticeship, Maximilian began working for a high-end custom home builder in Vancouver as a journeyman carpenter before eventually moving into a leadership role.

When the pandemic hit, it provided Maximilian an opportunity to take some part-time studies at BCIT. He wanted to upgrade his building code knowledge in anticipation of challenging the building officials’ exams and becoming a building inspector.

“I did successfully pass those exams and became a qualified building official,” he said. “Since I was done learning at BCIT, I decided to take a look at their careers page and noticed they were looking for a carpentry instructor. I decided to apply and successfully landed the position.”

Having experienced apprenticeship training from the other side, as an instructor, for over a year now, he can say he’s thoroughly enjoying the new role.

“I never would have thought that when I started my apprenticeship that I would one day become an instructor helping students on their own apprenticeships.”

Maximilian appreciated his education at the College so much, he encourages others to come here.

“It’s a great college to attend for trades training. In my role as an instructor, I’ve recommended students attend the College if they are planning on moving or wish to travel and take their education elsewhere in BC.”