10 Things You Might Not Know About College of the Rockies’ BBA: Sustainable Business Practices

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Image shows 10 Years BBA: Sustainable Business Practices with a graduation hat on the zero

Happy New Year! 2020 is an exciting year for us as we celebrate 10 years of our very own Bachelor of Business Administration: Sustainable Business Practices program. In September 2010, our program welcomed its first students and, since that time, our graduates have gone on to a wide-range of successful careers. However, we recognize that not everyone is familiar with our program. Here’s a look at 10 thing you might not know about a College of the Rockies BBA.

  1. Complete a degree here! You can complete a 4-year Bachelor of Business Administration in Sustainable Business Practices at College of the Rockies. That’s right. Some people aren’t aware that this is an option. However, a BBA at College of the Rockies is just as valuable as one from a university – but comes at a fraction of the price!
  2. Options! You can complete your entire degree online, in the classroom, or a combination of the two.
  3. Pathways. With the addition of Advanced Financial Reporting and Audit and Assurance courses, which will be available as part of the BBA: Sustainable Business Practices program in the 2020/2021 academic year, students who complete the BBA at the College will now be eligible to enter straight into the CPA Professional Education program.
  4. Our teams rock! Students in our business programs, including the BBA: Sustainable Business Practices, are typically highly successful at the annual Western Canadian Business Competition. We’re sure the mentoring they receive from program faculty has contributed significantly to this success.
  5. Options for College grads: Graduates of a College of the Rockies Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree, Environmental Studies certificate, or an Adventure Tourism Business Operations, Recreation Management, or Tourism Management diploma can transfer credits into the BBA: Sustainable Business Practices program.
  6. Options for students from other institutions: If you’re a student at another institution, you can also transfer into the College’s BBA program. College of the Rockies has block transfer agreements with several post-secondary institutions and can accept course-by-course transfer from others.
  7. Prepare for the new business world: Sustainability is a focus for most businesses and organizations in the modern world. The BBA: Sustainable Business Practices program can prepare you to work in today’s business environment – anywhere in the world. BBA graduate Michael worked in England and the South of France after graduation, and is currently working in Philadelphia while completing a Master’s Degree.
  8. Travel! Speaking of anywhere in the world, BBA: Sustainable Business Practices students have the opportunity for numerous study abroad opportunities, including full semesters abroad. In February, two BBA students will be completing a semester abroad in Andorra, our second and third students to do so.
  9. A world of opportunity. A BBA: Sustainable Business Practices education prepares you for a wide variety of career options. Become a CPA like Kelsey, become a director at a veterinary hospital and an entrepreneur like Andrew, or find your dream job enhancing sustainable business practices in the tourism industry like Katie. These are but a few of the wide-range of options available with your College of the Rockies BBA in Sustainable Business Practices.
  10. Size does matter! College of the Rockies is a small post-secondary institution. Why is that a big deal? If you’ve ever attended class with 400 other students, you know that the small class sizes at the College lead to more personalized attention, which, in turn, often leads to improved academic performance. For example, BBA students at College of the Rockies receive one-on-one faculty supervision as they take part in a required 10-month applied research project with industry.