A simple process with great rewards

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College of the Rockies does an incredible job at giving its students so many opportunities to apply and earn bursaries, there really is no downside to applying!”

Brynn Shaw started her journey to what she hopes will be a career as a dentist by enrolling in the Associate of Science program at College of the Rockies. Knowing the long path she had ahead of her academically, and the costs associated with those years of education, she made sure to apply for entrance scholarships.

That decision paid off. She was awarded the Academic Excellence award, which is open to all East or West Kootenay secondary school students who earn a minimum of a 75% average in grade 11 and 12 academic classes. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit during her first year of study, she also applied for, and received, funds from the COVID-19 Student Emergency Help Fund.

“Receiving these financial awards from the College helped relieve a lot of the pressure that I felt as a first-time post-secondary student headed into the world of academics,” she said. “It can be a scary prospect when you have years of school ahead of you, but the College, thankfully, provided me with lots of amazing opportunities to get ahead financially, especially in these uncertain times.”

After she completes her ASc program at the College, Brynn plans to transfer to university to complete her bachelor’s degree and then apply for entry in a school of dentistry.

She encourages everyone who will be attending the College to take a few minutes to apply for entrance awards.

“It was a simple process that anybody can do. The website is set up great (especially for first-time students) and all the College staff and advisors are incredibly informative and willing to help. I would strongly encourage everyone to apply. There are so many different ones you can apply for, there’s definitely something for everyone.”

She is also grateful for those who make the financial awards at the College possible – the donors.

“I want to say thank you so incredibly much for giving me this opportunity to get ahead financially as a full-time student. I am so grateful to be able to attend school and work toward my future goals. The money I received from scholarships and bursaries has truly aided me in my academic pursuits.”