Meet Jodie Pickering

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Jodie has come full circle. She started her academic journey at College of the Rockies before going on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a Master’s of Science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion. She is also a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with the Canadian Society Exercise Physiology (CSEP-CEP).

Now Jodie is back at College of the Rockies, this time as an instructor in the Kinesiology program.

“I love teaching all of our courses but especially Anatomy & Physiology, Athletic Injuries, and the fitness-based courses,” she said. “They were my favourite classes when I went through school, and still are. I love that I am still learning new things about how the body works.”

In addition to instructing, Jodie has worked as a personal trainer for over 15 years. She runs her own training business, primarily working with clients who are dealing with chronic injuries.

Whether it is in a personal training session, or in the classroom, Jodie has a great love for teaching.

“Seeing students learn, grow, find their passion, and succeed in ways they didn’t think they could are some of the reasons I do this,” she said. “Working in a small college allows us to provide some amazing, hands-on learning experiences for our students and to get to really know them all on an individual basis.”

In her nine years of teaching at the College, Jodie feels her students teach her as much as she teaches them.

“I learn from our students all the time,” she said. “They are the reason I continue to innovate and find new ways of teaching. Most of all, I enjoy learning about them: their backgrounds, goals and motivations. Lots of our students have interesting hidden talents that come out over their time with us.”

While adjusting to alternative delivery methods because of the COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge, it is one that Jodie and her colleagues in the Kinesiology program were up for.

“I miss getting to see and interact with all of my students,” she said. “Our students and faculty have been amazing though. We’ve done our best to keep up with a normal class schedule, meeting via video conference for all of our lectures and labs. I even did a couple of at-home workout sessions with the students, which was a blast. These last few weeks have made me grateful that we have such a great team in our Kinesiology program.”

Her advice for students is a reminder to find equilibrium.

“Make sure you find balance between school and the rest of your life. Be organized and take some time for yourself – whether that is a workout, night out with friends, or whatever you enjoy. Also remember that you get out what you put in; if you’re willing to work hard, you will be successful.”