National Child Day

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“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children” – Nelson Mandela

Since 1993, Canada has recognized November 20 as National Child Day, a day for celebrating our country’s commitment to ensuring that all children are treated with dignity and respect, have a voice, are protected from harm, and are provided with their basic needs and every opportunity to reach their full potential.

The College supports this commitment to our most important resource – our children – through our Child, Youth and Family Studies programs. These programs, which consist of Early Childhood Education, Education Assistant, and Human Service Worker, are dedicated to helping children fulfill their immense potential.

The Early Childhood Education program focuses on children’s early years, helping to prepare them to navigate the world and to enter formal education. The certificate prepares students to provide high quality childcare and education for children from 30 months to age 12, while the diploma provides the opportunity to specialize as either an Infant/Toddler or Special Needs educator.

Once children are in the K-12 education system, Education Assistants provide support to those students who have academic, physical, social, and/or emotional learning challenges. The role of Education Assistants is incredibly valuable as they enrich the children’s learning experience and support their learning potential.

Human Service Workers provide support to those who may be struggling, outside of the classroom environment. This is an ideal career for those who are caring, compassionate, and have a real desire to make a positive difference in the lives of children and families, as well as adults.

Whether you are interested in a career that supports and nurtures children, are involved in the raising of little ones, are drawn to being an advocate, or are just inspired by the joy that children bring to the world, today is a day to celebrate all children. The Government of Canada has resources and ideas on their website to help you do so.

Enjoy the day.