Education Assistant

Assisting Students in the K-12 Classroom

If you are excited to support students in the K-12 education system who have a variety of academic, physical, social, and emotional diverse abilities, this might be the career for you.

Important Notice for Program Applicants Re: Immunization During COVID-19 Outbreak

Thank you for your interest in applying to be a student in one of our Health and Human Services programs at the College of the Rockies. As a successful applicant, you will receive or have received a request to provide documentation confirming you are current in immunizations.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic obtaining and completing these admission requirements has been more difficult, your admission into the Health and Human Services programs will not be held up while you wait to complete these requirements. Recently services have begun to open up and obtaining these documents is becoming available. It is the responsibility of the student to continue to actively seek to obtain and complete these requirements. Please submit any missing admission requirement documentation to Enrolment Services.

Immunization services in BC are in flux as Public Health Departments must regularly reprioritize resource distribution in response to changing COVID-19 conditions. Our local Public Health agency will do their best to accommodate College of the Rockies student immunizations by individual appointment. Immunizations are also available through local pharmacists and Travel Clinics. We recommend that students continue to pursue obtaining required immunizations to complete program admission and practicum placement requirements as soon as available.

If you have chosen not to be immunized, you should submit the waiver form in your application package, as per the package instructions.

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