National Health and Fitness Day

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Image shows woman on the top of a mountain with arms outstretched to the sun.

Each year, on the first Saturday in June, Canadians recognize National Health and Fitness Day – a day to focus on the importance of physical activity and overall health. The aim of National Health and Fitness Day is to increase physical participation rates and to create the “fittest nation on earth.” A lofty goal indeed!

At College of the Rockies, we recognize the importance of physical activity for the mental and physical health of our students. Being physically active can help to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, can improve mood and cognitive function, boost energy and promote better sleep – all vitally important for today’s busy students.

We also recognize a need for a more well-rounded approach to health and wellbeing; one that includes physical movement as part of a larger picture. That is why, starting in fall 2020, we are offering Introduction to Personal Health and Wellbeing.

Introduction to Personal Health and Wellbeing is a required course for students in our Kinesiology program, but is also available online as an elective by any other College of the Rockies student. Course content includes the benefits and impacts of physical activity, along with nutrition, sleep, time management, mindfulness, gratitude, mental health awareness, technology use, healthy relationships, financial wellbeing, and more.

“This course provides a broad introduction to the principles of personal health and wellbeing,” said Heather Hepworth, Dean of Health and Human Services. “A student who takes a balanced approach to health and wellness, one which includes physical and mental health components, is likely to be more successful in his or her studies, and future career. We aim to help students to develop the skills and resources they need for optimal health as it relates to life and academic success.”

On this National Health and Fitness Day, we hope you do take part in a (appropriately distanced) physical activity you enjoy, but also pay attention to those other areas of your health that are so important to overall wellbeing.