Test drive leads to right post-secondary choice

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Image of Luke Anderson standing outside in snowy weather.

Luke took his search for the right post-secondary institution seriously. Beginning in Grade 10, he began attending Open House events at a number of colleges and universities. College of the Rockies, located four and a half hours away from his home town of Calgary, however, was too far of a commute for a mid-week Open House. That’s when he discovered the option to be a Student for a Day.

“Family Day in Alberta and BC have not typically been held on the same day,” he said. “So when I was out of school for Family Day, I was able to come to Cranbrook and take part in the Student for a Day experience.”

It turned out to be a fortuitous decision. After spending a day in three University Science classroom’s his decision was made.

“I went away from that day and thought to myself, this is where I’m going to college,” he said. “I just loved it so much.”

Coming from a small high school in Calgary, where his largest class consisted of thirteen students, the small class sizes available at the College were important to him. After completing a Student for a Day experience at a university, he also realized that the overall atmosphere at a smaller institution was more relaxed and friendly.

Luke is currently a student in the College’s University Arts and Sciences program. He plans to complete two years of general studies before deciding on a specific degree to transfer to. As a young student, he is taking a smart approach to his education.

“I’m only taking three courses right now because I’m living on my own for the first time and am just trying to figure out how to do this adult thing,” he said. “I think I’m doing pretty well. I’m cooking for myself, I’m getting groceries and meal planning and all that. I haven’t gone hungry yet which is a good thing.”

Next semester, Luke will challenge himself by increasing to four courses. He’s grateful he took part in the Student for a Day experience at the College and is certain it helped him to find the right post-secondary institution to start his education at.

“I had four offers from four different universities and College of the Rockies is the one I picked,” he said. “I’m glad I ended up here instead of somewhere else.

“Anyone who is considering a post-secondary school should do Student for a Day. It gives you the overall feeling for the institution. You get to see the actual classes and even meet professors that you might end up having. If you don’t think you have the time to do it, I’d recommend making the time. It’s that valuable.”

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