ENGR-102 - Engineering Design 2

Minimum Credits: 3 Length: 60 hours Prerequisites: Minimum of 60% in ENGR 101; Minimum of 60% in MATH 103; Minimum of 60% in COMP 105. MATH 104 and PHYS 104 are required courses, either taken prior or concurrently. Delivery Method: On-campus Cost: $365.28 Lab Fees: $83.73 Total: $449.01 Course Outline: https://sps.cotr.bc.ca/Outlines/Course%20Outlines/ENGR102.pdf

This course will cover engineering design as applied to larger, more self-directed projects. Students will work in groups, following a structured process to design a system comprising of electrical, mechanical, and software sub-systems. Students will complete one major group project through several milestone stages with associated technical reporting, including a final written report and oral presentation. This course will introduce students to the concepts of sustainability and engineering ethics and apply this knowledge to case studies and lab exercises.