Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Certificate

An Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences education – the beginning of an adventure that can take you anywhere!

With an education in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences you are well on your way to boundless career opportunities. Just a few examples of the career options include journalism, human and social services, communications, lawyer, psychologist, humanitarian worker, labour relations specialist, corrections officer, art director, graphic designer, and so much more. Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences provide you with the critical thinking and communication skills you need for just about any career.

This program is designed as a starting point to prepare you for any bachelor’s degrees in arts, humanities, social sciences, or interdisciplinary study, and ladders into the College’s Associate of Arts degree, Bachelor of Business Management degree, or to transfer to one of our partner institutions. It’s also a great option for those interested in lifelong learning.

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