Welder Foundation

At College of the Rockies, you will train in our hands-on fully equipped industrial welder shop and take your technical training from our qualified Red Seal Certified instructors.

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Welder Foundation Training Schedule

*Welder FoundationFDTNJanuary 2, 2024July 12, 202428 Weeks
*Welder FoundationFDTNSeptember 3, 2024April 4, 202528 Weeks
*Welder FoundationFDTNJanuary 6, 2025July 18, 202528 Weeks
*Welder FoundationFDTNSeptember 2, 2025April 3, 202628 Weeks
*Welder FoundationFDTNJanuary 5, 2026July 17, 202628 Weeks

 *Projected | All dates subject to change |