College of the Rockies Quarterly Report

Ascend – June 2022

Welcome to Ascend


Welcome to the summer edition of Ascend – our quarterly look at important labour market themes in our region. In this issue, we are focusing on the College’s Business, Academic, and Tourism offerings.

By 2031, BC is expected to have over a million job openings, 80% of which will require some level of post-secondary education. The majority of jobs will require a certificate or diploma (29%) or a degree (36%). In addition to our numerous academic certificates and diplomas, we are proud to offer our very own degree program, the Bachelor of Business Administration: Sustainable Business Practices. This unique degree prepares students for the new business world, one where sustainability is an important requirement.

We also offer an extensive range of University Arts and Sciences certificates, diplomas, and Associate Degrees which students can earn before transferring to university to complete their degree. Not only do our students save money by doing this, but they benefit from our small class sizes and personalized attention. In fact, students who start with us and then transfer often do better academically than students who go directly to university.

The Tourism industry has been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The BC government recognizes the importance of this industry and has launched a new three-year roadmap for rebuilding and revitalizing tourism in our province. We’re proud to support this rejuvenation through our five tourism-related programs.

I hope you find the information in this edition of Ascend valuable. Please reach out to me at ascend@cotr.bc.ca with your questions and observations.

Kind regards,

Paul Vogt
President and CEO
College of the Rockies

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