An ECE education opens the door to many opportunities

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Image shows woman with two young children

The early years of a child’s life are essential for preparing them to navigate the world and Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) play a vital part in helping to shape those early years and to set the foundation for their future success. With a high demand for early childhood educators in BC, and with a projected growth rate of 4.6% over the next few years, there are many opportunities to begin your career as an early childhood educator now.

Working directly with children is an incredibly rewarding, if sometimes challenging, career option. And with experience, early childhood educators can move into related careers, continuing to create a strong foundation for children in new ways.

When Tanya Siddiqui moved to Canada, she already had an ECE education but required a license to work in the field in BC. Her search for a program that was online and affordable led her to College of the Rockies.

“The information I received from College of the Rockies is very high quality,” she said. “I was taught things that my peers in other colleges were not. It also enhanced my critical thinking skills, something that is lacking in other schools. The instructors are committed, supportive, and available at all times.”

Since completing the College’s ECE program, Tanya went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Care. She now works as a certified childcare licensing officer and a principal of a large childcare centre for children 1-5 years old.

Tara Pfaff is also a graduate of the College’s ECE program. Since completing the program in 1999, she has worked her way up to the position of Program Director at BGC Cranbrook. She credits the College’s ECE program, in addition to her years of experience and on-site training, with providing her with the tools and strategies she’s needed to effectively work with children, and to advance in her career.

An ECE education can open many doors. In addition to the examples above, early childhood educators could:

  • Start your own daycare business, and in time, you could be in the position to focus solely on the business while your employees work directly with the children.
  • Become a teaching assistant at an elementary school. Trained Education Assistants (EAs) are crucial for many elementary school children but with a significant demand for EAs, ECE graduates may be eligible to work as EAs.
  • Work your way to becoming an ECE instructor. Two of our current ECE faculty are graduates of the College’s program, both having completed their diplomas in both specialties.

Whether the focus of your diploma is on infants and toddlers or on becoming a special needs educator – or you complete both like our faculty members – your opportunities will be limited only by your imagination. If continuing your education is part of your longer-term goal, College of the Rockies’ ECE program block transfers into University of Victoria’s Bachelor of Child and Youth Care and Bachelor of Social Work programs.

So, consider a career in early childhood education. As our alumni show, it can take you almost anywhere.