Meet Angeline Selvakumar

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Image shows a woman outside, smiling, with foliage behind her.

Originally from India, Angeline came to Canada, in part, to pursue her research in a global arena. Now a permanent resident, she feels fortunate to have settled in the friendly and welcoming community of Cranbrook.

Angeline holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Applications, a Master of Business Administration, and a PhD in Business Administration. She currently teaches Management, Marketing, and Business Mathematics in the College’s Business Management programs, subjects she has been instructing for over a decade.

“I love teaching management and marketing because these courses offer real-world experience and encourage creativity,” Angeline says. “These focus more on learning life skills and personality development. Teaching keeps me updated with the industry and also gives me the opportunity to interact with fresh minds. I also have always had a passion for challenges and numbers. I like solving problems, which is why I also enjoy teaching business mathematics.”

Angeline has always admired teachers and hopes that as a teacher she can make a difference in the lives of her students. She hopes to not only impart knowledge, but to be a mentor and to support her students.

She has also found teaching offers her the opportunity to continue learning as she is always adapting to interact with differing types of learners and with students from a wide variety of cultures.

Outside of the classroom, Angeline loves to read, listen to music, cook, and travel. Though many see her as an outspoken extrovert, she sees herself as an introvert. She has a passion for learning languages (she can speak English, Tamil, and Hindi fluently, and has intermediate or beginner knowledge of Malayalam, Telugu and French). She considers herself to be a good singer, and has had both her poetry and a variety of articles published.

When the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted her second semester she found herself, like all of us, in unfamiliar territory, but found the circumstances have helped her to grow.

“It made me learn to balance work and personal life,” she said. “I have developed my multi-tasking skills and have been more creative in developing new methods for teaching. I do miss the workplace and the people I get to meet at the College, though.”

As we look ahead, Angeline has some points of advice for her students:

  • There will be difficulties in everyone’s life but it is all temporary, and you can overcome them with determination.
  • Set moral points and principals in your life and don’t give up those values.
  • Find your passion and understand that is the key to success.

You can take courses from Angeline as a student in our various Business programs: Accounting, General Management, and Marketing.