Biology and Medicine Pre-Major

Are you interested in pursuing a career in Health Sciences? Do you want to understand how genetics, microbiology, and cell biology contribute to human health and disease? The Biology and Medicine Pre-Major is flexible to your goals serving as the 1st two years of a bachelor’s degree in life sciences and a diverse range of health professions.

Our second year labs include exciting procedures like CRISPR-Cas 9 gene editing! You can also gain experience in a Containment Level 2 Microbiology facility! Through coursework you’ll develop strong skills in the laboratory and field, technical writing, and data analysis and collection. Dedicated instructors and mentors will help you to build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge.

Don’t stop there, use your Pre-Major to further your studies in fields of biology and medicine. Speak to an Education Advisor to find the path that’s right for you!

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Associate of Science Degree – Biology and Medicine Pre-Major – Block Transfer Agreement