College of the Rockies’ Sexualized Violence, Prevention and Response Committee

The Sexualized Violence Prevention and Response Committee is made up of a group of employees who are passionate about creating an inclusive, respectful, and safe campus that is free from all forms of sexualized violence.

Director of Student Affairs
Doris Silva

An image of Doris Silva, Director of Student Affairs

Manager, Student Life and Athletics
Cori Andrichuk

An image of Cori Andrichuk, Manager, Student Life and Athletics.

Manager, Human Resources
Marianne Kneller

College Counsellor
Liz Hamilton

Student Housing Coordinator
Meghan Reiser

An image of Meghan Reiser, Residence Services Coordinator

Faculty, Coordinator University Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities
Avery Hulbert

Indigenous Student Navigator
Sadie Bedard

Peer Mentor Coordinator / Student Navigator
Kristyann Diotte

Head shot of Kristyann Diotte

Student Representatives – 2023-2024 term
Harnoor Panesar
Courtney Wheeldon