Professional Cook 1

At College of the Rockies, you will train in our fully equipped and versatile kitchen and training classroom and get your theory from our qualified Red Seal Certified chefs.

You will also gain practical experience in the College’s own on-site restaurant, the Class Act Dining Room, as well as through experiences at 5 different local restaurants where you will see real-life chefs in action.

Additional Scholarship and Bursaries are available for this program, such as the Professional Cook Training Entrance Bursary which awards a guaranteed $750 bursary to all students accepted into the program beginning September 2021 and College of the Rockies/SIDIT awards.

You can use this form to apply for both: Entrance Bursary Application Form Deadline to apply is August 15, 2021.

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Professional Cook Training Schedule

*Professional Cook1September 7, 2021April 1, 202228 Weeks
*Professional Cook1September 6, 2022March 31, 202328 Weeks
*Cook 1 Challenge1March 29, 2021March, 30, 20212 Days
*Cook 1 Challenge1March 28, 2022March 29, 20222 Days
*Cook 2 Challenge2April 15, 2021April 16, 20212 Days
*Cook 2 Challenge2April 13, 2022April 14, 20222 Days
*Cook 3 Challenge3April 22, 2021April 23, 20212 Days
*Cook 3 Challenge3April 21, 2022April 22, 20222 Days

 *Projected | All dates subject to change |