Tourism Management Diploma

With over 1 billion global travellers there’s a world of career opportunities!

Travel provides opportunities to learn more about a community, its people, its food and its activities. Authenticity and interaction with the local community is what matters to today’s traveller. Tourism is a key economic driver for our rural communities and helps to diversify business in many of our larger destinations. The career opportunities are literally endless!

The diploma gives you the knowledge and skills to confidently step into positions of supervisory and leadership when opportunities are available. With our focus on sustainability, the combination of academic coursework with a work experience (practicum or co-op) means you are ready to make a positive impact upon graduating.

Loving what you’re learning? The next step, and build your competitive advantage, by taking your credits into the 3rd year of the Bachelor of Business Administration in Sustainable Business Practices degree program at College of the Rockies.

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